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Pandoor Interior Doors


The Best Interior Doors For Your Home

 Pandoor Industries is a leading Israeli doors manufacturer, with a worldwide network of doors suppliers, carpentries, and companies. Pandoor Interior Doors reveals a variety of doors designed for homes, hotels, buildings, etc.

Our Work

From the very first day, Pandoor Industries gained a name of high quality standards. Our team has been working in the doors manufacturing field for over 27 years, building brand reputation, high class products and variety of designs.  Every year in the business of doors manufacturing has been an adventure of design, success and great products. Today, Pandoor interior doors has many different new doors and products for homes and business, in Israel and worldwide.

Pandoor Interior Doors – The Best for Your Home

The new collection of interior doors by Pandoor contains various designs that are perfect for every home. Wooden interior doors, white painted doors, carved doors by order, and many more – are just a few examples of a variety doors that are designed for homes and buildings.

Be a Pandoor Distributer

Pandoor also has a collection for suppliers and companies worldwide. If you are interested to hear more about our worldwide services, and become a Pandoor Distributer, click here for more information.


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