A Little About Us

Pandoor Doors was founded in 1989 and is now one of Europe's largest interior door manufacturers. A combination of proven expertise, years of experience, and the use of the best materials and methods, all contribute to Pandoor being one of the largest and best manufacturers of interior doors on the continent. Pandoor excels in proven product quality and spectacular design.

The company's vision places the interior door as an integral part of the overall home design. This represents a concept change in how we perceive interior doors, from a solely functional element to one of the most important and unique components of interior design.

In 1996, Pandoor introduced its computerized manufacturing lines into the construction carpentry sector, making it possible to manufacture doors with quality materials, great precision and a high level of finish. Also, the computerized mode of manufacturing allowed for the customization of doors to design tastes and the technical needs of each client.

In 2002, Pandoor was one of the first companies in the world to manufacture and market the "Laminato" brand of door models and in March 2011, the company followed through and began manufacturing and marketing the “Unique” brand of interior doors. “Unique” brand doors are resistant to water and wood damage in the bottom 7 cm of the door, and have exceptionally high resistance to mechanical damage.

Our New Plant – The Key to our Success
Pandoor recently opened its new robotics-based automated plant. The new plant also has an automated UV paint line for interior doors, allowing for painting doors with watercolors, using the UV method. The doors are durable over time and don't change color upon exposure to light.

The plant has the capacity to mass-produce an average of 1,000 doors each day and 20,000 doors each month, all based on the most exacting specifications.
Pandoor's plant combines extraordinary technology and matchless methods to manufacture a precise and quality finished final product.  

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