Design your interior doors

Here is a short guide to design your new door. The door design is not that complicated as one may think, but there are some manners which he should know in order to start the process. We wish you a successful home design and a very comfortable door for many years.

Choose your door physical characters

Measure the existing door or entrance by examining the length dimension and the width dimension. Then, decide if you want a door which implements a good level of opacity and a door which is an easy one to drag when opening or shuttering it.

Choose your door color

Your door color is very important for the design to succeed. The color must fulfill the existing views in the house and especially in the specific room and its area. Choose the door by examining the former colors around the entrance, and decide by the tendency of the views you see in front of your eyes. A brown wooden door would be excellent to a wood based house, and a white door would be excellent to a modern white color based house.


 Choose the shape of your lintels

The frames of the doors are very important when designing a house. If it is a rural-like house, you better choose a round frame to each door, and if it is an urban house a rectangular lintel is better. 

Choose your door window appearance

You may select a Laminato door without windows, a door from our "Unique" collection without windows, or a windowed door from the same collection. When doing this, you give yourself a real chance to refine the door's look with glass decoration. Choose a rectangular window or a diamond one, and decide if you want 1-2 windows or 5-8 ones in a column.

Pandoor interior doors – Your success is our happiness

When selecting your interior doors, we shall do the best to help you choose the right models. Our store hosts a very sharp and experienced advisors and interior designers.


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