How to upgrade your home with interior doors?

As always, the major dilemma in home design is how to define the new doors. Even if the house was already designed, the average resident does not give up on full inquiry of what he wants to achieve when replacing the door. Our advice is not to compromise on a door which blocks noises from outside, implementing a good level of opacity. Also, one should not give up of a good level of survivability, proven with a long period of warranty from the door vendor. In addition to those important functional characters, one should also think about the parameters of his room design.

How to determine the door color?

The door color must be chosen according to the room's general appearance: A vintage one or a modern one. A vintage room is usually a wooden room, with wooden tables, chairs and cupboards. A brown orange inclined door should do the trick, but if the character of your wood is a darker one, inclined to the strong red color, a suitable door should be chosen.

How to determine the shape of the frame?

The shape of the frame is usually determined by the room style: An urban one or a rural one. A round shaped door frame is better combined in rural style rooms than a rectangular one, which is perfect to urban style rooms.












How to determine the knobs' appearance?

The knobs are including the back hinges and the handle. We recommend choosing a model in which the hinges are hidden behind the main door part. This will save them from getting rusty for a long time. We also recommend on a handle-side which is proportional to the size of the room. If it is very little, choose a little handle, and so on. The handle color can be the same as the door's one or an opposed one to get a shiny look.

The doors of Pandoor – A full door choosing advice and install

We have escorted residents in many kinds of houses around Israel, installing doors in 35,000 of them since 1989, which are more than 200,000 doors. Our doors collection won prizes in the functionality and the design fields. Residents are being served by us until today, and some of them came back after buying here their previous doors many years ago. Enjoy the rally and give your house the best doors you can.


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