Tips for Replacing Interior Doors

When it's time to install new doors in your house rooms, you've got a great opportunity to refine their design, which will affect the whole interior look. In order to do this right, with no regrets and a high extent of confidence with your decisions – we share with you our 5 tips for replacing interior doors. We call them "The bible of interior doors", since it is right to every home, every house and every apartment in any place.

Take a look at your existing door in each and every room, and internalize their benefits

We emphasize the word "benefits" because there is no man who did not make mistakes and there is no woman who did not choose wrong doors in some of their characters. The aim now is to learn from this, and improve your design skills in order to choose a better door. We divide the door characters into 2 major groups

 Functional characters: Opacity, acoustics, the ease of the drag, etc

 Design characters: Color, shape, the look of the handle, and the look of the hinges

After dealing with these characters, and before contacting our store, you must measure the exact length and width extent in each and every entrance to any room you want to handle with

















Determine the needed level of opacity

Today, a door which can implement a high level of opacity is not a costly door. It is exactly the normal one. If your door did not shutter any noises from outside, just close your eyes and imagine yourself in the same room, disconnected from any disturb. That is the door you should strive for

Determine how easy you want to drag your door

What was done in a very few doors is now definitely an ordinary situation. You can achieve an easy door without compromise its high level of strength and survivability. Imagine yourself getting out of the room to the saloon without any effort dragging the door

Determine the colors of your door

A color choosing is needed to the main body, to the hinges and to the handle. Usually, the part with the strongest affect is the main body, so we recommend choosing it by examining the existing room and the exterior. This will help you to find the perfect color combination. For example, a room which was planned in a vintage design, based on wood, should contain a brown wooden door, and a room which was planned in a modern design, based on white cupboards and furniture should contain a white door. As for the hinges, we recommend to choose a hidden model, which will locate them completely behind the door body. As for the handle, we recommend choosing its color similar to the door's one, or different from it in order to create a sharpen design.

Determine the shape of your door

Your door shape handles with your general home design genre. If the color was chosen by the room appearance: vintage or modern, the door shape is better found by the genre: An urban or a rural one. If the house was planned in rural methods, a round shaped frame is needed, because it's symbolizes the local look and not the sharp and the distinct one. When you design an interior door for an urban house – the frame should be rectangular, or even with 2 edges in every side.

The doors of Pandoor – 28 years of complete success

Our goal is to help people achieving their new doors with almost 100% percent match to any room in any house. With our help, you can replace your interior door easily, without regrets, letting your house a complete new level of desig

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